Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Lontong Sayur Padang

In Bandung is quite a lot of sidewalk merchants who sell special food called rice cake Minang (ketupat) vegetables. Probably because in many foreigner in Bandung "urang you" who worked as traders, officials, and students. Question their own business will definitely look for food like ketupat vegetables homes. Sepang vegetables is breakfast such as porridge or rice yellow chicken in Bandung. Special Sepang is katupek curry nails , that ketupat fern curry with vegetables. Rare fern in Bandung's meet this curry.

Well, I've tried a lot of vegetables from different merchants ketupat. All this ketupat maknyus vegetables and robust taste is ketupat vegetables Piaman Wave Brass Jalan raya, Licensing (junction with Cibatu Road), near my house. Traders, an Ajo Piaman (nickname Pariaman district in brag). Special ketupat vegetables is a thick gravy. Typical things young jackfruit curry yellow red and green bean curry.

Apparently no more ketupat vegetables taste delicious and robust, that store ketupat Five Brother Kite Kitchen Bagusrangin Road (near the road Dipati Survey). Ajo traders named Herman, is also exact origin of Pariaman Garinggiang River district, Pariaman, sources of (mostly traders are derived from vegetable ketupat Pariaman, which sold well in the field and that in the land of the region). Already three years Ajo Herman berjulan in Bandung, before he was trying to trade the same in field and in Jabotabek.

Herman Ajo store not only sells ketupat vegetables, almost all food and special snacks Minang there. There champions porridge, rice bean (green bean soup), Talua (tea use eggs), sarikayo (srikaya), fried bananas rajo + approach (sticky rice), lapek, lupis, and others. Wow, so complete is really, really palapeh lambuang , kanyang rasonyo eat there.

Of particular interest is applied shady ketupat Typical things. He .. he, this time I found ketupat vegetable beef rendang applied field, the country of origin ketupat vegetable food itself does not wear anything, only just ketupat and vegetable curry. In Bandung ketupatnya be enhanced chicken eggs, but the shop is ketupatnya adopted Ajo Herman shady as the photos below. Sounds familiar? Brilliant idea also combine vegetables with shady ketupat.

Hmmm .... like? From the looks it has evocative tastes.

In addition to adopting a shady, there are also ketupat curry cord, other than of course use the eggs. It costs tens of thousands, if applicable shady, if adopted seven thousand eggs, and vegetables, if only ketupat only five thousand. Not too expensive I think, fit a student's bag into its main customers. Typical things jackfruit curry and curry curry tauco beans. Typical things pass curry taste to the tongue, especially bean curry tauconya, just like beans curry special tauco minang general. Every Monday and Friday at times some curry nails (ferns). Pakisnya non-vegetable vegetables from the garden, but the fern forest area comes from Pangandaran. Vegetable curry made passes fern fern's fern forest.

Herman Ajo shop customers is a lot of it appears. Who eat there appears not the Kite only, many other areas of the original customer. Perhaps because cooking is a good match to the tongue minang anyone. O yes, the store is open from morning till 12 pm. If you are in North Bandung, Join one stopped to eat at the cafe this Five Brothers.

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